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Bridges For Women

bridges to healing workbook

Bridges to healing: a workbook for women who have experienced trauma is to help those of you who are ready for change, to heal from and overcome violence, abuse, or neglect.  

We are delighted to share with some of the heart of Bridges.  Bridges to healing is an extension of our innovative programs that heal, education and prepare women for employment.  This workbook is meant to strengthen your healing process and accompany your community supports such as your doctor, local transition house, addiction counsellor or trauma counsellor.

Each topic and chapter features body-based (somatic) and cognitive exercises, reflective exercises, journal prompts and readings about the impacts of trauma, offering you a variety of tools to incorporate into healing practices. 

The outcomes that others have experienced with the workbook include:

  • Moving from isolation to connection
  • Identifying safe and healthy relationships
  • Creating increased safety and ability to set boundaries
  • Allowing for renewed hopes and dreams
  • Developing safe emotional self-care and coping strategies
  • Developing healthy compassion and acceptance for your body, mind, and spirit


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