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Eligibility & Application

If you feel like your history of trauma is holding you back from pursuing your goals, we are here to help. Learn more about our programs and services, and take the first steps towards connecting with a Bridges Intake Coordinator.

Eligibility and application decision

General Program Eligibility

Our programs are open to all women (transgender and cisgender), non-binary, and two-spirit people who identify as part of the women’s community and who have been impacted by violence or trauma at any time in their lives. To get the most out of our programs, women are individually assessed and need to:  

  • be out of crisis 
  • be out of any abusive relationships and not be actively engaged in crisis level disputes with abuser(s) 
  • have taken any necessary legal steps to ensure safety (restraining order, peace bond) 
  • have safe living conditions 
  • have children settled in school/daycare during program delivery times (financial support is available)
  • have the ability to show that, if alcohol or substance use has been a problem for you, that you are out of active addiction, have a demonstrated period of sobriety, and that recovery supports are in place
  • and have clear motivation for change, learning, employment, volunteering or education

What if I don’t qualify?

You may still be eligible for counselling services even if you don’t meet our employment program requirements. If you have any questions about eligibility after reading through this page, please contact us.

Application Process


Step One: Enquire

You do not need a referral to apply to our programs. Please contact us to find out what program will work best for you. We aim to respond to all inquiries within three business days.

Contact Us: | 250-385-7410


Step Two: Assessment

An initial phone conversation is the first step to determine your eligibility for our programs. We will ask about your current circumstances, your goals, and work with you to identify any possible barriers to participating. If our program is not the right fit, we help you to connect with programs that will meet your current needs.

While COVID-19 precautions are in effect, Bridges assessment and intake interviews will primarily take place over the phone and via virtual meetings. An assessment of your technology needs will be included in this process.


Step Three: Intake

Once assessment is complete and eligibility is determined, we will match you with an appropriate program and services.

Contact Us Today:

Phone: 250-385-7410

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