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Bridges For Women

Mentorship Program

Mentees and mentors will be matched to provide valuable learning for both individuals

Find new relationships in a supportive community

Build self esteem and communications skills

Flexible options to for mentors and mentees to meet virtually or in-person

“Over the last six months I have come to know [my mentor] as an energizing, accepting, posi-tive, and seemingly fearless woman. Listening to her life story and discussing our on-going goals I learned something about myself. I am doing okay! I do not need a fancy new job title, corner office or six figure salary. Exploration, trial and error and following your bliss are a perfectly ac-ceptable way of doing things. I learned to go easy on myself, take it slow and have fun. I am thank-ful for the time [my mentor] has shared with me…” 

Past Bridges Mentee

Providing individuals impacted by trauma with the opportunity to actualize their employment, educational, and business goals in a safe and nurturing relationship.

Mentors and Mentees will be matched to provide valuable learning for both individuals, and to allow Mentees to gain relevant exposure to career possibilities through research, exploration, brainstorming, and networking, while building self-esteem and communication skills.

The mentorship program is open to those living in the Capital Regional District (Victoria and surrounding area) who can commit 5-6 hours per month to a mentoring relationship.

Our programs are open to all women (transgender and cisgender), non-binary, and two-spirit people who identify as part of the women’s community.

 We are currently accepting applications for the Fall 2022 Mentorship Program! If you live in the Capital Regional District, and are interested in becoming a Mentor or Mentee, please follow the links below to contact us. 

Become a Mentor

  • If you are currently in the labour force or recently retired
  • Rich opportunity for learning and growth
  • Refine communication skills
  • Celebrate successes, small and large
  • Immerse yourself in a diverse community
  • Engage with individuals ready for change and growth in their lives

Become a Mentee 

  • If you are a participant or graduate of other Bridges programing
  • Renew focus on employment and education
  • Develop a vision for the future
  • Move towards personal and financial independence
  • Build confidence
  • Develop organizational and goal-setting skills
  • Learn valuable boundary and communication skills
  • Network and build in a supportive community

Contact us for more information:

Toll-free: 1-866-896-3356
Local Phone: 250-385-7410

Thank you to the funders of our Mentorship Program!

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