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My faith in humanity and my belief in there being kindness, caring and love in society was finally given a seed of hope.

Bridges and its lessons live on through my children.

“Before coming across the Bridges for Women Society, I was feeling increasingly isolated from the world around me and I was desperate to find the help that I needed. After years of suffering and dealing with repressed pain, I had become unrecognizable to myself and struggled to function normally in society.

“To this day, it still feels like a miracle to me that I was able to find them, as it has genuinely been a life-changing experience. The counsellors and facilitators have been such a bright light on my path to recovery and it truly is difficult to even put into words what their help has meant to me.

“Anyone getting just a glimpse of what they do every day, would immediately see that there is so much love, generosity, empathy, care, support and healing taking place... It would warm their heart and make them smile from the inside out!

“Every single time I had an appointment or attended a group meeting, I always felt like I was coming home. An oasis where I felt completely safe, which in turn allowed me to open up... Something I had not been able to do in years. Also, by simply being able to share a space with other women who had gone through similar journeys, made me realize that I was not alone and that there was indeed a light at the end of the tunnel.

“Since completing their program, I have gained more and more confidence, strength and most of all, self-love. With my counsellor’s guidance, I have also been able to enter a self-employment program that is on the way to opening up new career opportunities for me. With all of these changes, I feel like I have finally been brought back to life!

“All that being said, being a part of their program has been one of the most meaningful, touching and empowering experiences of my life. I will forever be grateful to all the women that work with the Bridges for Women Society and who have offered continual support and kindness to me. I thank them, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me to turn my life around and see myself in a brand new light.”

Laughter is the best medicine; Bridges has given me my smile back.

I have learned from the women in my group, and all the women who work and volunteer with Bridges, the meaning of the words "Unconditional Love and Trust".