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How to Apply


Step 1 Enquire:

Read the requirements below to assess your situation and feel free to call our office at (250) 385-7410 for more information.

Who can apply?

All Bridges programs are open to women applicants with a history of trauma and abuse. To get the most out of our programs, women are individually assessed and are required to:

  • be out of crisis
  • be out of an abusive relationship and not be actively engaged in crisis level disputes with abuser(s)
  • have taken any necessary legal steps to ensure safety (restraining order, peace bond)
  • have a support system in place
  • have safe living conditions
  • have children settled in school/daycare
  • have supports in place for staying clean and sober throughout the program
  • possess personal suitability
  • and have clear motivation for employment, and/or volunteering and education

Step 2 Bridging Assessment:

This in-person interview will determine your eligibility for one of our programs. We will help you determine areas of your life that require support and accompany this with community referrals. We will also assist you if you require further personal development elsewhere, before attending one of our Programs.

Step 3 Program Intake:

Once we receive complete your assessment process of eligibility, we will find a program that is right for you. If you are eligible, we ensure your personal support system requirements are in place to register you in a classroom, match you up with a Case Manager and provide you with the next steps.

Step 4 Enrolled in a Program

While at Bridges for Women Society, we will support you through the program towards goals that were put in place at the beginning of our relationship. We do ask that you commit to staying in contact with us, notifying us of changes to schedules and cancellations, as well as attending your arranged classes, workshops, counselling sessions and exploration times.

Step 5 Follow up and Supports

Once you have graduated from our program, we would like to stay in touch for at least the next six or seven months – just to check in and make sure you are doing OK and enjoying your work. We offer a continued support service as you adjust into your new position.

Agency Referrals

Agencies who identify prospective participants may contact Bridges for more information, or ask the women they refer to please contact us directly.