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For Employers

Bridges is pleased to be supporting our students and grads to secure meaningful unpaid work experience placements in a wide range of occupations. For many, an unpaid work experience offers an opportunity to build and re-store confidence as a worker, to develop new employability skills, grow professional networks, clarify career goals and have tangible current work experience to put on the resume.

Employers – we want to connect with you!

Bridges’ aim is to build reciprocal relationships with community-minded entrepreneurs and employers to create learning opportunities for our program participants. If you are a Victoria-area employer in the non-profit or private sector who would like to host a Bridges participant in a temporary placement (an average of 20 hour per week; 8 – 12 weeks in duration) then please read below.

Why offer a work placement to a woman re-entering the workforce?

Bridges participants are enthusiastic and committed to discovering their niche in the world. Through our supportive programming, women identify their career goals and create clear plans of action with incredible dedication. Participating in an unpaid work experience placement is often an integral part of their long term career development plan.

As an employer, you become an invaluable learning partner when you support a woman with on-the-job training. By offering an unpaid work placement you are supporting a woman to increase her long-term employability. You are offering her an opportunity to dust off some old skills and try new ones, to build confidence in the workplace, refine her team work skills and generally feel connected to her community. Each woman brings her own unique wisdom and experiences and you will undoubtedly gain fresh perspectives for your business; you just might find a new long-term employee! The rest of your staff team also benefits as they develop leadership skills by offering training and supports to the work placement participant.

We look forward to deepening connections with local employers, working together to strengthen women’s economic independence in our community.


To start the conversation and learn more, please contact:

Kirsten Moline, Work Placement Coordinator

250-385-7410 ext 113